Here Comes 2019


As i write this 2018 comes to a close. as i look back over the past year i remember the good and the bad .and that might lead us to think that it was black and white ,when reality says that there were many grey areas, times when we don’t know it a decision will turn out to be right or wrong good or bad .but the grey times can be filled with an awful sense of negativity if we are not cautious and take time to regress.the past can become distorted and disconnected from reality from the truth . and sometimes those things decisions that seemed to go so wrong can be changed and made to become better .so on looking back i say don’t forget to see the colour in our lives even when all we seem to see is the black and white or grey. so as we go into 2019 im going to seek out the colour  _DSC6788

So i do hope and pray for a great 2019 for everyone who i know,and if you have read this i pray that your new year is also good .HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

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