Flamingos of the Camargue


In europe flamingos in the wild can only be seen in very few locations.one of the only places is in the camargue in the south of france .situated where the river rhone enters the mediterranean .last year 2017 700,000 flamingos were counted.the rhone delta is huge with many saltwater and freshwater lagoons which contain shrimp algae which the flamingos feed on . breeding takes place from march to june .feeding take place through tiny platelets through the bill.nests on mudflats making nests of upturn hardened mud



When the young are born they are not beautiful white they are light grey in colour .this changes as they grow ,there pink colour coming from there diet shrimps,algae,crustations,worms ect._DSC6706

As the weather changes and summer turns to autumn some of the flamingos migrate to west africa returning the following spring ._DSC6608 Flamingos that reside in the camargue are fairly easy to find as they group on mass and are present on most of the lagoons in large numbers ,a sight not to be missed and only place to see them in the wild in western europe _DSC6583

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