Winters Days


A tree stands alone! years pass by seasons change but through it all the tree stands firm . When the weather is at its worse and the cold brings now as it has this winter ,i look upon a tree to remind me just how wonderful and marvellous nature is as every part every living thing so intricate in detail so beyond our total understanding .do you ask as i do how is this possible .how is this worlds nature living growing blooming happen did it evolve or was a much higher hand craftsman involved? on looking at a grain of snow which melts away to water in the hand .placing under microscope just delivers a deeper plan .as we look at all around us and inspect and investigate and inscape deep into each living breathing part of this creation our answers lead to just more questions .deeper deeper  we tread as the snow falls and the harder it is to move around feet sinking into deeper snow .i feel alone but i am not because all around life lives and breaths and hears , listens to our sounds .i am a bit deaf at the moment as i need my ears syringing .dont we take our senses for granted ! dont we taken all around us for granted .i know i do .and im gonna try and change that .so on these cold and sometimes  lonely days when snow lays all around look something thats been taken away not there .ive spent time thinking remembering love ones who have parted from us in this world .i think one day we will meet again ,but from now on will try to listen to the quiet storm .a growl will come from what seems not _DSC5077-Edit

do not fear the wolf at the door ,its sometimes not .cause all can change in time and sphere eternal is our journey to hear .to hear the sound of silent snow ,as time pass by and eternity grows _DSC0140

.im gonna look for  the  tree who stands alone .a man who was of long ago nailed to this tree for you and me .Just grab on and dont let go .

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