Tiger adobe Photoshop and lightroom


As Christmas is now but a memory and we start the third month of 2018 ! unbelievable hove time seems to pass us buy so fast !!! .I decided to sort out my hard drives and go through my photographs and delete the ones which were not so good .on doing just that i found some pictures of tigers that i took a few years ago .i decided to rework some of them and as the  weather has been awful decided to play around with them in PS .this one had an ok back ground but after trying a different things i thought a replacing with a black background worked quite well .to do this in PS you have to use layers .firstly opened a exposure layer and underexposing to create the black background .i then used a round brush set to 100%opacity and on the panel pain used the brush to expose the image .a very simple and easy way to use layers and to transform an image .i used different opacity brushes on the edges of the images to blend the fur to the background you can then add layers to adjust colour saturation  and other effects .when finishing flatten the layers

capture 2

above shows ps with the background and exposure layer open and using a brush exposing the image .capture 3

this next image shows the image layer . you can now add layers to adjust any part of the image you want  . when your happy with the result you then open the the layer panel and select flatten this flattens image into one layer capture 4

you can the save the image in several different formats .if you want to work further on the image then save as a Tiff ,as this file type can be used with most other imaging software programs . this is quite a simple way of using layers and not too complicated ! _DSC8983 im planning on photographing tigers again soon ,as i have better equipment now and feel that would be  good to do .

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