The Camargue


The Camargue is a large wetland area situated in the south of france in the bouches de rhone area.Its a wetland delta where the river rhone meets the Arles the petit rhone splits from the rhone and also meets the sea ,therefore making a huge delta wetland, in fact the largest in europe and is home to a huge diversity of wildlife which include mammals and birds among the mammals wild horses are the most famous ,and can be viewed with ease from many places _DSC3402   These white horses are amongst the oldest species on our fact estimated at being approx 2000 years old ,they have certain feature which differ from modern breeds of horse one being wider hoofs so as to better cope with the wet marshland terrain_DSC3451

More than 350 species of resident and migratory birds are found also including the only breeding colony of flamingos in europe .thousands of flamingos are truly a magnificent sight to see _DSC2957 one of the best places to guarantee seeing them and getting quite close is park ornithologique. the camargue is also home to owls among them the european eagle owl which is resident in the wild _DSC3305

the vast area of open space natural food sources make it possible for the many species to survive alongside eachother. this was my first trip to the camargue and already fixed up next years trip , so many more birds too see and photograph .can really recommend to all who love wildlife and photography

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