Although its been just over a week we returned from norfolk,i thought i would just post ,to say how beautiful that county is and you are really missing a special place if you have not ventured there. of cause if you like wildlife birds in particular its  fabulous  and your in for a treat as theres always something to see. but the wildlife doesnt begin and end with birds theres hares lots of them ,just take a drive out into the countyside and stop and watch a wheat field especially after the wheats been cut they are easy to spot then .i was amazed just how many there were ,later learning that north norfolk is a hot spot for hare s .theres also a lot to do for all ages young and old good beaches ,plenty of cafes ect  steam railways .but we stumble upon a gem . at west runton is a shire horse sanctuarywith 1500 horses and donkeys its great for kids and adults and is not expensive there is a museum of old farm machinery used by the shire horses which gives an insight to a time gone by _DSC1947

set in beautiful countryside not far from the sea as well so beach could be worked into the day as well._DSC2077

.then there are the seals which can be seen on blakeney point .there are boat trips that take people out to see them _DSC2752

hundreds of seals and different species can be seen at very close quarters.they are there all year round.and is quite a nice trip to do on a sunny summers day. moving on to bird watching ,there are three big reserves on the north coast rspb have two and the wildlife trust one .many many species can been seen at them all especially in migration time as many birds stop of there on there long journeys _DSC2258

Well i hope you will be inspired by norfolk as much as i am ,and will have found this post of mine of for now Simon

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