Wild Wild Horses couldnt keep me away


As the old rolling stones song goes wild wild horses couldn’t keep me away.at the end of may while out at my nearest RSPB ,i stopped to read a notice it said have you seen our wild ponies which we have here to help establish heathland after clearing areas of forest in the forming of the reserves habitat for attracting more species of birds and help build populations there are quite a few already and the reserve is getting better every year thanks to all the hard work of the rspb .well back to the ponies, intrigued as we just booked to go to the camargue in south of france to try and stress try and photograph the wild white horses there (more on that later in the year if i am successful!!!!) so the ponies being here worth trying to find and with camera in hand stepped out to try and photograph them and also practice photographing horses something which is new to me .well it wasnt long before i came across them and how wonderful they looked too! on talking to a few people who keep an eye on them there i found out they are a rare breed of pony in the UK Exmoor ponies which are in decline in uk .i approached  them carefully as not to get too near as wild horses need space and its very wise to do that and give them that space as they can be unpredictable.there are signs instructing you what to not do !.they are beautiful though about 13-14 hands so bit smaller than horses_DSC8778

There are only 84 of these ponies in the whole country .the weather just now as i wright this is very hot here 32c ! which is very unusual for uk .not comfortable for any animals. i could see the heat and flies were making them a bit edgy so kept my distance having a telephoto lens helps as that is not a problem more that they are quite inquisitive and at some points came close to me to investigate .you must not under any circumstances feed them. or walk dogs near them as they are wild and will behave very differently to stabled horses .as my camera allows i will post follow up articles .hope you like the photographs and e mail me if your intrested in buying a print as all are for sale ._DSC9482-Edit_DSC0848-2

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