Foxes life


As we are now into summer here over the last few months much has happened in the foxes world .in early april we saw new cubs being born and by may they were emarging from there dens into the daylight of this big old world for the very first time_DSC6331

under the care of there parents young cubs venture further from the dens, facing many dangers and hazards ,some of cause fall fowl and do not survive ,and its a time at the fox project of which i am a fairly new rescuer sees many cubs orphans for many different reasons being brought in to help them survive. the fox project and the work they do for our foxes is just amazing and i cant praise them enough for all that they do ,so many hard working caring lovely people,who got he extra mile to help foxes.i feel very privileged to play my very small part .Now being well into june. the cubs are growing and are a lot more wary of us humans _DSC0350

at the slightest of movement or presence for humans or other animals they gone in a flash. i managed to get a quick picture of this little guy whos clued up very quickly to the surrounding world he has entered . over the next few months the cubs will continue to grow and be parented .little sylvie is  looking great after her bad start to the year .she has not had cubs this year so hope next year we may see her have cubs depending on finding a partner male in the autumn,although she already has a few admirers !_DSC0537

the weather over the last couple of weeks has been really hot in to the 30 s here which is very unusual .so i leave water out for here and you should do the same if you love foxes and they come into the garden.

so as this summer opens out and natures young join the rest of the animals do enjoy the marvels that nature shows you

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