Rspb Pullborough brooks


It was a very warm april day when i set out early on a sunday morning to meet my old friend tony at rspb pulborough brooks in west sussex .i set of from tonbridge at five past seven ,and arrived at twenty past eight ,not bad it was a beautiful morning and a lovely journey down through southern englands gorgeous countryside springs well under way and  all is being made new . i pulled into the entrance and followed the well sign posted directions to the car park which is a good size .immediately you can see the entrance building with shop and restaurant when you c an get a drink and a meal. soon Tony arrived and after a catch up chat we headed of out into the large nature reserve , imedialy we noticed the large amount of warblers that were now arriving ,in particular Chiffchaffs , and blackcaps .i was a few days early for nightingales , but never mind  next time as pullborough is a hot spot for them._DSC5774

The blackcaps were a very pleasant suprise ,as was the emergance of an adder !.the reserve is set out so you can do a large circuit from the entrance in a circle which brings you back to the entrance building where incidentally there are fantastic views out acroos the wetland area .there are also many hides along the paths that give good views of birds  at the waters miday i was getting quite tired and my legs were aching a bit ,think my age is being to show a bit now ,so i said fairwell to tony,and headed home .it was a great day and meeting up with tony was really special .i will return to this beautiful place and can recommend it to anyone who loves wildlife and beautiful countryside




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