A Different Path



Isn’t it amazing what these little devices that we nearly all carry around in our pockets[smartphones}can do,they are indeed actually mini computers and they also have some quite good  cameras certainly good enough for snap shots and days out with the family or freinds.like the photo above taken on my sony phone which has a 20 mp cybershot camera in it .any way i like most of us have our phones with us all the time and having a camera built into it enables us to be ever ready to take a picture that may arise .The photo above i took the other morning in the cemetery near where i live .one thing that really hit me was that all the cemeteries ive visted over the years they have all had paths that are straight ,now i had a question that came into my head and it is , are the paths straight for a reason ? i dont know to be honest if all cemeteries have straight paths  or just the ones ive been to.but is there a connection with gods word [the bible} ? and i for myself have to say yes ,because you see god tells us in his work that he makes our windy paths straight or that the paths that our lives are sometimes windie and that god can straighten those paths in our lives if we ask him for help with difficult things in our lives that are knocking us off course or sending our lives in circles seeming as if life is going nowhere and situations are only getting worse and you dont know the way out .proverbs 3:6 says,in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.but sometimes the path god wants you to take may be very different to what you would chose or want ,like the path in the picture thats covered with moss a path thats not often walked along .you see this picture got me asking many questions .some of us sometimes feel that we are at a cross roads in our lives but we dont know which way to go,and so we just carry on doing the same job living in the same part of the country or same country when god is saying ,no take the path with moss on it ,i know its not the one you would choose yourself but i am with you trust me ,i wont let you down i wont let you fall because i love you i have a plan for your life but you must trust me ,i never break my promises .so will i,will you trust him trust god .it could be scary most likely will be ,but we can trust god and if we do god may very well suprise us in a very big way .so next time you are in a cemetery see if the paths are all straight !!!!! 

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