Photography and Graphic Acceleration


Just thought i would  share my experience and workings with something called graphic acceleration. if you are into photography like i am and have been for best part of my life ,you go out take a card full of great picture .what do you do when you get home ,yes if like me upload them to your pc .then when we browse though the shots we think can i improve a certain image and we open the file in a photo editing program .there are many but the ones i use and beleive most people will use will be adobe photoshop or lightroom .both of these ive been using for many years but over the last few much has been added and updated ,but in the last two years i think more updates and adding new tools and features have taken place in  such a short space of time ,but there is one area that has changed and for the most part is a bit overlooked .this is something called graphic hardware acceleration.this is where a programming code called open cl can be employed to further reveal more detail and higher and expansive parameters our images , but because there are many different graphics cards of differing degrees of performance in our pc s not all these parameters are enabled in photoshop .first you will have to look up and find out what your graphics are in your computer and then go to the adobe website and check with the system requirements and if your graphics card is in there tested list .if your computer is only a few years old or relatively  new then more than likley it will be there .Next having checked your card details is to open photoshop and on the top bar click on the edit heading ,a drop down pain will be revealed scrol down and select preferences then performance ,and you will see something called graphic acceleration ,you will also notice an advanced setting pain click and open it and you will see a series of tick boxes of which some will be ticked make sure the open cl one is clicked ,all but one should be !. at the bottom you will se an unticked boxed called 30 bit colour .now this is something very new and when enabled reveals more colour detail in your images enabling you to veiw far more in your photographs .this is something you should do with your monitor if it has high enough pixel count , but you wil see the biggest most dramatic wow factor difference if you have a 4 k monitor or one of the new 5k  apple i macs .the photograph above has been processed with 30 bit colour setting enabled .    

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