a winters day


Wow its end of feb 2017,and Christmas seems way in the past. time for me to say even though winter can get you down, there’s always a bright side to life that will give you a life whether that a shopping trip visiting family or friends,or going out for a walk on a sunny winters day. for me it was a few weeks ago it set of for my favorite wilderness place the nature reserve a few miles out of town near me . bough beech resevoir is a huge expanse of water and attracts a huge variety of birds all through the year from blue its to buzzards and ospreys on there way north.but my surprise was seeing a brambling a winter visitor a most beautiful bird to see_dsc4445_dsc4453

there distinct voice and flight pattern is unique. my next was seeing a buzzard a lot closer than i have ever sen one before,truly amazing birds._dsc4792

another is the marsh tit quite rare now in my part of the country_dsc4380

so on  a day that was cold but sunny , a suprise i had found ,so dont right of winter days get outside and see what god will show you and it will suprise you and give you a lift  in spirit that will carry you through the bad stuff

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