The Lynx


The Lynx must be amongst one of the most beautiful of   medium sized cats.the lynx can be found mainly in the northern hemisphere four main speices exist eurasian lynx , canadian lynx ,and the iberian lynx,and the bobcat.the largest being the eurasian lynx its native to european and siberian forests.the canadian lynx inhabits north americia canada and extends into alaska, the iberian lynx is the species which is rare they inhabit the iberian peninsula and is an endangered species although conservation work is on going it was extremely endangered but has been changed to endangered dsc_0062_106

the last is the bobcat with many sub species it inhabits north america and canada as well.Lynx are usually solitary but do travel together sometimes not very often though.they have up to four kittens which gestation is about 70 days.they feed on  deer and small mammals being more usual _dsc8013-edit

there have been a few reintroduction programs that have been quite successful in switzerland  and germany most notaibly as well as slovinia and croatia.

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