Just over a week a ago my wifes camera broke,so i took it into the menders in london a shop with a very good repair service .anyway time past about five days later got an email saying her camera was all fixed, o day earlier than they said which is usually six days ,so next day i headed of and decided to go up and collect it instead of having it posted back which nearly cost the same as the train fair! i caught the 9.30 train from tonbridge which takes about 40 minutes to get to charing cross in station  in  london. on arrival t took the underground from the embankment to vauxhall underground station changing at victoria.it was the a ten minute walk to the shop fixation uk in kennington lane ,i had a chat with the guys there and the left with judys fixed d600 ,so started back while on the underground i thought i better test out her camera so got of at st james park,which is right by and about half way through the lenght of the park, the weather was good few clouds but mainly sunny and st james park looked really great passing through the gates into the park i could have been right in the middle of the countryside hard to think i was actually in the centre of one of the worlds busiest cities _dsc5367

the colours of autumn were truely wonderful it seems especially colorful this year, maybe it just me but a time of year i didnt particulartly like when i was younger now becoming one of my most favorite times of year So i walked down to the lake and on and towards buckingham palace seeing_dsc5394 it from the bridge over the lake ,and st james palace in the other direction ( the first picture at the top shows this ) as i walked i noticed that there was loads of wildlife one more unexpected birds was the pelicans_dsc5431_dsc5419-edit

this was a most unexpected surprise ,taking a few pictures testing out judys camera all was apparent it was all working like new good job done by fixation ,but as they were so close it didnt matter that i only had 50mm lens! not really a wildlife lens but that didnt matter further along were these black swans _dsc5442

there red bills making them stick out as very different i could have photographed wildlife there all day but decided to push on to the palace as time was rather short,five minuets of good striding and i was there with the palace right before me_dsc5446  it really is an amazing building its grandure and size hit me first being much larger than i remembered,it had been so long the last time i was there ,i crossed the road and walked up to the outside and the gates  i then turned round and set of back towards st james palace which i knew would be quite a long walk but first had to take a photo of the gate entrance to green park_dsc5453

it seemed to sparkle in the midday sun the gold really shining that done i took the walk to the st james  palace which was about twenty minuets at good speed  arriving a bit short of breath i stopped for recovery_dsc5469

as i walked closer my mind drifted back to when i was 10 and my nan took me to see the queens birthday celebrations here which take place every year in june ,i went with nan in 1969 and remember the changing of the guard so decided to look and see if i could see any guards _dsc5471

passing through the square to the gates i realised i may be lucky as it was justa bout lunch time i then heard la loud shout so i hurried through the gates just in time to see the changing of the guards there red uniforms and highly polished helmets sparkling in the breaking through sun _dsc5475

one posed for a picture and another on horseback as well, after that excitement i looked at

my watch and headed for the underground m,to catch the train back home to tonbridge .Getting into the station at 3 .00 wasjust in time to do the half hour walk home get the car and pick judy up from work !

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