A Golden Glow


As autum closes and drifts in to winter here in britain ,i look back and realize what a spectral array of colours  nature throws up as trees leaves change from greens to oranges abd all shades of red and yellow ,a time of year i use to associate with the end of everything and the dark nights closing in have seemed to disappear ,does it make you reflect on times gone by or the year thats just flying by  the picture below i found the other week when looking for something else in one of my overcrowded cupboards img002

it was a picture taken at this time of year in 1957 two years before i came into the world poor world i say ! , how much water has gone under the bridge how many good memories or not so good, wishing things had turned out different,or gratefulness ,and remeberance ,its a time to reflect on times past but for me now its a time of the present dont miss the beauty of the present by spending too much time in the past ,its gone cant be changed cant be undone ,but can be forgiven !yes it can really no gid doent  want us to live with guilt and regrets lifes far too short isnt it shorter for some than others ,so now as i go out in whatever season i try too look for the beauty and the good and the wonderful and its there it is and am just grateful ,so as you buy your poppy i wear it with gratefulness for so much for lives of family loved ones sons and daughters who gave there all for us and an freedom and peace , thankyou Jesus  for all our lives  for whats gone and  for whats to come for the good and the help you give through the bad the dark times that youa re there right by our sides always_dsc2434_dsc3792_dsc2231_dsc3168

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