After looking at some pictures of a day out at the british wildlife centre a week or so ago realised it had been 5 years since that visit ,so decided to was well overdue for a return visit.The  british wildlife centre is situated in the county of surrey in southern england near a small place called newchapel on the a22 just north of east grinstead , that being the largest near town .We arrived at just after opening time which is 10 am on satudays and sundays and only opening on weekdays at certain school holidays and bank  holidays check on there website for prices and more details There is a large car park which is free so after parking up we proceeded to the entrance where we bought our tickets and entered into a large area which houses restaurant and shop and a education area,we then went to see the red squirrels a they have talks about the animals throughout the day which are very informative and  eductaional ,as you go right inside the enclosure  is good for photo taking .the squirrels are a great favorite as they are a rare sight in the wild in the uk the grey almost totally taken over there habitat,but are on the isle of white and several other places in the uk._dsc2883

Next we moved on to catch up with the foxes as the talks follow each other so had enough time to get to where the fox enclosure is , they have several foxes ,and just have two new arrivals  from a rescue centre the on below is called flo,she is in beautiful shape as area  all the animals not sure how long flo has been there but was there the last time we came _dsc2893


we watched flo and listened to the talk as i took a few pictures after that we went to the restaurant where they have a good variety on the menu .so after a refueling we went on to see the owls of which they have all the species that reside in britain  ,the tawny owl was nicely perched on good view so i managed a few pictures_dsc3334

i have underexposed the photos so as to give a nightime look to them as they are nocturnal birds,_dsc3328

We then went to see the badgers ,first looking in the underground set which is fantastic as you can see them and watch them as they sleep and move around underground_dsc3514-2

after watching the badgers we decided to call it a day and make our way to the exit but on the way we notice a little fox siting out in the sun his name is biscuit and is really sweet ._dsc3445

we really enjoyed our time there and can thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone its great for children and theres a good play area as well if they want a rest from the animals.We certainly wont leave it 5 years before our next trip !!




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