Trip To The Netherlands


Just returned from a trip to the netherlands ,it was the first time that we have been theer and wont be the last ,we were seriously impressed by this little country and its people who were so friendly and welcoming , seemed like everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and friendly comments , we stayed near to the belgium border outside a town called  tilburg, beekes bergen is  a huge centre parks like place and has a safari park as well


being huge ,it takes a full day to get round it has all of africa s big five , the paths are well arranged so that you get superb views of all the animals without fences obstructing your veiw so is good for photos , the lions are not far from the entrance and you can see them very clearly,_dsc0885

next we went to Amsterdam, for a day ,a city connected by cannals is worth a visit, we were blessed with good weather being in fact a touch too hot,you can take one of the many boat trips around the city and that is very worth while as it can save a lot of stress on your legs as amsterdam is quite a large  city but still has  a village feel to it somehow ,the tram network is very good too as is all the public transport in holland_dsc0684 _dsc0762

most off the boat trips start in the city centre near the station_dsc0822

after a full day we headed back to beekes bergen, one of the near towns is Tilburg_dsc0093

which is a medium sized city quite modern with good shopping and good eating places this one being outside the church in the town square. the other town is Hilvarenbeek few miles south in the other direction_dsc0084_dsc0089

having a church in the centre which plays lovely music every 15 mins also a nice place but very much quieter ans a very much slower pace of life ,so there you have it in a brief outline of our trip

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