Fallow Freinds


Just thought i would put pen to paper fingers to keyboard too tell you about a really nice place to see wild deer ,and take in some history , situated in sevenoaks kent is knole house and park owned by the national trust is open to the public ,last inhabited by the sackville west family.the grounds are home to fallow and muntjac deer,and is a great place to photograph them as you can get very close so you can take pictures very easily with virtually any type of camera although best results are obtained with a dslr and a  300 mm lens.the fallow dear were introduced from china  and was a hunting favorite of Henry the 8th  in the 16th century.deer are so beautiful and in the now lowering sun as summer starts to come to an end and autumn is on its way  ._DSC1249

Deer are a good subject to photograph if you are new to wildlife photography, especially here at knole as you can get close and you can practice framing your subject and interacting with wildlife you will begin to learn the basics of field craft that is getting close enough to your subject without frightening them of or at least not before you have taken your pictures which can be easier said than done!wildlife photography invariably involves a degree of patients and trial and a lot of error  from which we learn an awful lot .as for times of day at knole you will get picture right through the day buy early morning or evening can be special as the light is softer ans warmer at these times and makes for some beautiful atmospheric shots_DSC1147

of cause there are not only deer but there birds  and other mammals ie foxes, badgers   that can be seen and are all present_DSC1277_DSC1025

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