Out Of The Darkness


What a joy it was to come face to face with this little fellow this morning,he soon shot of though but froze for a second enough to get a burst of shots,and one sharp one ,you know life can be like that too some times cant it, living through problems  that just seem too big seeing no light and stuck in a dark tunnel or wandering around in a dark wood not knowing the way out, then you suddenly see a small light a gap in the fence away through so you proceed slowly carefully towards the opening and the light is so warm so attractive you stand on the edge in the shadows you stay thinking shall i dare i walk into the light a small still voice says go on come out into the light, so you step out in full light of day,for all to see, but then fear hits you and you shoot back into the dark wood where you dont want to be but feel safer, the voice is there again dont go back in there where i cant see you dont be afraid because im with you.you know we can be very like this cant we ,but the voice is Jesus_DSC6702

and he will look after you ,you just have to trust him , .In the bible  the book of job  say watch the animals and they will teach you.

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