Trip to Colchester Zoo


Back in May we made a trip to colchester and while there decided to to a trip to the zoo, having seen on tv many times . what a fantatsic zoo it is too, the weather was very kind to us ,on buying our tickets we went through the gates its very well layed out with loads to keep the younger ones ocuppied  all day ours are now fully grown now adults with kids of there own ,never the less there are eating places tables and benches to sit on everywhere,there are many animals from all over the globe ,i took pictures of as many as i could , and the ones who were making an apperance, penguins ,meerkats,hornbills,red pandas,

you will need plenty of time as there is a lot too see ,and will take all day so get there early is the name of the game here ,there are very large enclosures for the larger animals and good veiws can be had of them_DSC5916

the Elephants giraffs share the same area, not enclosures of cause_DSC5858

also birds are well featured and extremely beautiful, too look at, and of cause the otters which were a favorite of mine_DSC5750

so a very great place too visit cant recomend it highly enough,we were exausted by the end of the day but well worth it_DSC5877


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