Foxy Lady


Spring is such a beautiful time of year well in my country it is and certainly is in most of the world i imagine. snow drops have just finished but have lasted longer this year than i can remember really beautiful and a sure sign that the blandness of flora and fauna in winter the first signs of spring could be the snowdrop!_DSC3690

As the days draw out and evenings get lighter nature just seems to come to life birds  getting noisier in expection of warmer and longer days ahead there song seems so much more urgent as they prepare to build there nests._DSC3809

Migrant birds as they return from there over winter places warblers arriving in mid march adding to the bird sounds and song.Chiff Chaffs with there distinct chink chonk song_DSC3756

such beautiful little birds singing away and fluttering up and down in hesitant flight .as time rolls on lambs giving birth there lambs new life  new bringing new hope._DSC4241 Kingfishers flying calling out with piercing calls that echo across still waters in tunnels of streams where nests are made and creations secrets yet to emerge_DSC4035

Young deer look out into the still morning._DSC3916

A grebe swims by as they build there nests on waters edge_DSC3565

Oh made in perfect love for you and me by a love of higher dimension_DSC4393

what a wonder god has made as the seasons change oh if i could stand still in one season it would be spring. So my beautiful foxy lady you have returned you trust in me and god shows and teaches us through what he has made _DSC4448

much love much love

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