Much Love


When we were young which im not life seemed so much simpler then school starts the years go by and life just seems to get that bit more complicated doesn’t it relationships start and finish ,adualecent crushes and romances ,oh its not so bad being older really. what i want to talk about are contracts,ones we enter when we get married when we take out hp agreements .Love is greater of a higher dimension than anything in this world and beyond.just now i suppose mobile phone contracts are probably the best example of contracts which are breached ie when you have a contract and the signal is not what was promised ,we have the right to terminate it pending proof of cause.Jesus tells us to love one another and not to hate a brother or sister because if we do we are in breach of the contract we have with god.God will never break his contract with us because god is love  and that love is eternal no matter what we do,that contract is broken by us not god who loves if someone hurts you remember god loves you no matter what man says _DSC3635

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