His Loving Assurance


I am writing this so that it may be of help to people who know and follow Jesus and people who dont and yet to find the love that only God can give.This story begins  seven months ago,i like many of you in uk and elsewhere have a busy life so when something extrodinary happens i tend to take a while to digest it.having been a follower of Jesus christ for just ten years it still takes me back when god speaks to me,it was about seven months ago i went to church on sunday night as i usually do with my wife for the evening service ,the church had been without a senior minister for a couple of years or so , anyway the service started and the worship was brilliant as it nearly always is,the music stopped and a pause was given for god to speak ,suddenly i heard a deep strong  male voice speaking in a language tongues i didnt understand ,suddenly i could understand what he was saying in english my language he said  “you have not seen what i am going to do ,i am going to do great and wonderful things in this place .Trust in me Trust in me and im relevant”,. A lady came up to me and said to me you have the interpretation ot the toungues i being nervous said yes i do ,so went and shared with the church all but the last sentence which i didnt share for some reason that i didnt understand at the time .anyway after the service i asked my wife , who the man was who spoke the tongues ,she said but it wasnt a man it was a woman and later found that she hadnt spoken tongues for thirty years! but i said to my wife it was a mans voice that i heard.Anyway  my hobby is wildlife photography and we had been having a little vixen (sylvie) visting our garden every day for a few months, gradually she came closer and closer trusting us more each day,a relationship had been building up between us and she trusted us almost completely,allowing me to take some pictures almost posing for the camera on some days.time passed  and as autum came i felt god drew me to a verse in the book of job 12:7-10 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you,or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you. i asked god what do you mean and then it hit me Sylvie the vixen ,is this what you mean Lord ? what are you showing me Lord are you saying Trust me more trust you with my life .after quite a bit of prayer i felt that yes god wa saying trust him more ,but more than that .But why , why because he can use you more the more you trust in him, to do the thinks god has plans for you to do.Trust in him Jesus and God will work through you use you more effectively the more that you put your trust in Jesus.So now i close just to say  God will use you more and more and protect you if you put your trust in his son.and yes God has found our church a new senior minister and he is wonderful ,thankyou Jesus_DSC2808-Edit-Edit

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