Roll on Spring time


Will the rain ever stop! here in the uk dont think we’ve had a dry month since september last year! but now we’re halfway through feb  spring is not far round the corner .For people in dryer parts of the world i suppose rain every month would be a great help, so at least the uk wont have a water shortage this year!!! maybe we should export some! never the less nature seems to survive or get through somehow but that doesn’t mean nature doesn’t need a helping hand sometimes,but i love being outside this time of year so good too see the first sprouts of plants flowers ,the first shoot of hawthorne ,and hope of good things and warmer days too come .


Crested Grebes looking for a partner ,last years young ones growing so fast , flocks of birds on the move noisy in the cold morning air_DSC2997

springs on its way and much is to be done a new season is coming!_DSC2860

so wishing everyone a really great season ahead ,its just the right time to get outside and see the good things that God is doing!


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