Looking away from me the robin’s mind is otherwise ocuppied! but knowing im there in the early morning winter sunshine , maybe looking and wondering what the year ahead has in store ,reminds me that many will be doing the same . work,busy lives for most of us young, old , infant middle age, never mind do i take enough time out to look at the world around us , maybe we can find the time easily or maybe its hard to find time to take a break slow down,otherwise life has a habit of  passing by far to quickly doesn’t it? New years resolutions , this year will be different, won’t it? if we don’t take time to regress and take stock of our lives will it just be the same as the year just gone .Its nice to have an interest a hobby , mine is photography you may have guessed that though, recording moments in nature of a particular aquaitance with an animal or bird, or spending time with friends or family and recording those special moments in our lives and our families. Good times , Bad times, God says in the bible  ;Enjoy prosperity while you can,but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God.Remember that nothing is certain in this life.Ecclesiastes 7:14.Im going out into this year with that verse in mind, hope you will too and you too will enjoy the sunshine just like the birds do, take a little time out this year_DSC2137

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