Nikon Capture NX-D

Just thought i would do a piece on the new software capture nx-d from nikon .ive for a long time used lightroom and PS.CC for post editing my images ,a few months ago i decided to download and try capture nx d .firstly i wouldnt say theres huge differances and a few pros and cons about both peices of software but if no fuss photo editing is what you want with quick results personally im finding nikons offering quicker  and a bit less hassle.i here you say how and for me its that sharpening and noise reduction are done in one render which saves a lot of time ,the amounts of sharpening and nouise reduction can of cause be adjusted very easily_DSC2207

in this image using nikon capture nxd  the shadows and sharpness and also noise are very nice result done very quickly. below is the same image but using lightroom_DSC2207

I suppose you could say theres not a lot in it ,only the nx d was much quicker to get the same results

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