Out and About

Getting out bit more latley looked up the bbc weather and great day ahead so headed out to bough beech a again seems to be growing on me , a place i was not to enthusiastic about a few years back, but over the last couple has begun to really get a hold of me maybe its something to do with the expanse of water and also woodland habits  as well as the resevoir gives great variation.Anyway it good to see the water levels now rising but still quite a way to go to reach full capacity, at present rainfall levels this wont take too much longer! .Higher water levels is good news for photgraphers as you are nearer the birds when water levels are high so i headed out the a lot of expextation , i was not disapointed at all  firstly noticing the artifical island placed for the terns was occupied by comerants 1 heron and couple of mallard ducks.


one of my main curiosities was to try and see if any more fieldfares were arriving, and sure enough there were a few more actually quite a few more_DSC2302

they really are beauties arriving from scandinavia about october time and most returning by march with some holding on till may, a part of the thrush family they add a bit of interest during the winter months , intregued but deciding time to move i was interupted by a very vocal male chaffinch so close that it seemed as if he was sing to me_DSC2207

staying a while i got a few shots of him as a reminder of that moment in time ,as time was speedily passing i walked back to the resevoir where my car was , but for one last look before home  drew in the air to my lungs and noticed a little egret on the far side of the north lake the overflow lake so decided to takea closer look hopeing to get a few last picture before i packed up ,i got to the spot and suddley he took of and i thought thats it but suddenly he turned and came strait towards me ,i let off a burst from the camera as he came into land,what a moment to finish on!! lovely birds little egrets quite a newcomeere to these shore first arriving in 1989 with the first pair breeding here in dorset in 1996 and have increased there range northwards since a real success story

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