Foxes,lives and trials

Its hard to beleive that its been nearly six months since sylvie the vixen started coming into my garden, its a real joy to have her trust us so much and she brings great pleasure to us. On visting us for a while we noticed she had the inial stages of mange,being told by a freind of mine who knew a lot more about mange,i then started to inquire and find out if there was anything we could do for her so i got on the internet and googled away,finding loads of info , i decided to give the fox project a call which i did and they were so helpful saying yes i can help her but no garenttes ,and they told me to give here a homopthic remedy consisting of aresenium sulphate available from homopthic pharmacies, and placing drops in an honey sandwich as foxes have got a sweet tooth, so i purchased the said stuff and started putting four or five drops of it on sandwiches ,well she loved the sandwiches and a few weeks later the mange had completly disapeared,fantastic result shes looking so good now. I hope my experince will help others who come across foxes in there garden with scoptic mange_DSC2391_DSC0719_DSC0071-Edit_DSC1733

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