Garden Antics

Over the last few months a little vixen has been visting our garden on a daily basis, we have called her sylvie, she has had two cubs ,and a male , fox.She staerted to get my attention when we noticed she’d hurt one of her back legs,so i phoned the fox project and spoke to a very helpful lady who told me to try arnica drops in a honey sandwich one a day as foxes have got a sweet tooth, being quite sceptical i went ahead and got the arnica and started to give it too her in a sandwich as advised.after about a week to our joy we noticed her leg seemed to be improving,well it did and completely healed,amazed.Over time we also wondered if she had the beginnings of mange,so after another call to the fox project told me i can give her arsenium sulphate,so have started to do that,but i dont think now that she has mange but i have seen another dog fox with quite bad mange in the area,so will continue.we dont feed her to much only a little so she dosn’t become reliant on us,and can still hunt wild prey.all in all its really good to have sylvia around,and i suppose a level of trust has been built up between us now ,so hard not to get emotionally attached though



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